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Discover your path to love, success, and spiritual growth with our trusted and experienced psychics.
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Sun and Moon Psychic Readings

The clarity you need for a fulfilling life

At Sun And Moon Psychic Services, Selena believes that everyone has the power to shape their own destiny. Let her help you tap into your inner strength and guide you toward a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Our Powerful Psychic Services

Unlock the Secrets of Your Future

Unlock the secrets of your future with our experienced psychics. Gain personalized guidance and insight to navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Tap into your inner wisdom and reach your full potential.

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Experience a personalized palm reading and gain insight into your past, present, and future

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Connect with the energy of crystals and receive guidance for personal growth and healing .

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Discover the universe's secrets with tarot's power and gain clarity to overcome challenges.

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Explore all aspects of your life, including love, career, and spirituality.

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Find answers and guidance for any situation with our trusted and experienced psychic readings.

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Past Life Tea Leaf

Uncover the mysteries of your past lives and gain clarity on your present path.

Discover Your True Path

Our expert psychics offer personalized guidance and clarity for love, career, and spiritual growth. Explore the possibilities today.

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Meditate With Crystals

Find Your Inner Zen

Experience a unique journey with Psychic Selena as she guides you through meditations and crystal journeys. She will also educate you on the amazing properties and benefits of crystals to enhance your experience.

Ask Selena Anything!

Ask Medium Selena your burning questions and gain insight with personalized psychic readings. Connect with an expert psychic today.

Read what they say about Sun and Moon Psychic Readings

See why our clients love Sun and Moon Psychic Readings. Read their testimonials to discover the transformative power of our expert psychic services.

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Selena's psychic reading was incredibly accurate and insightful. She provided guidance that was spot-on and helped me navigate through a challenging situation.

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Shanya P. Atlanta

I felt a deep connection with Selena during my reading. She provided me with clarity and understanding, and I left the session feeling more at peace with myself and my life.

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Savannah R. Macon, GA

I was blown away by Selena's accuracy during my reading. She provided insight into my relationships, career, and personal growth that has truly changed my life.

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Ricky D. Blue Ridge, GA

Selena has an amazing ability to tap into the energy around you and provide accurate and insightful readings. I felt empowered and enlightened after my session with her.

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Rosie O. Marietta, GA
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Valentines Special - 50% off Psychic Love Readings

Want to see what 2024 has in store for your love life? Sun and Moon Psychic Readings is having a Valentines Day Special! From now until February 18th, 2024, receive 50% off Love Readings. Call Selena at (404) 967-3321 to schedule a psychic reading, or click the button below to book online.  Be sure to mention this special when scheduling. Selena is also available for parties, gatherings, and special events.